My friend, Danni, first brought up the idea about me starting a blog a few months ago. She instilled in me the confidence that “I actually” have something to say to the world… that I have things to share. When thinking about it, I noticed how much I am on social media already. Loving it, for the simple fact of being able to share with my friends… all my accomplishments, places I visit, food and venues I love, family and just simply my passions in life. Then I thought, why not share these things with other people, that extends outside Instagram and Facebook, people I have never met… people that I can hopefully connect with? Then I thought, I am a professor!!!! I already do this in my classrooms… inspiring, motivating and sharing “real life” experiences with my students….  so, why not? A few months went by and I never acted on it… call it laziness or call it being sidetracked… but the blog idea was then “tabled” in my head.

Then of course, there’s my husband. 🙂 Talking to me one day about the idea of me blogging and sharing, also saying he thought I had things to say that can inspire and motivate others…. maybe it’s because I talk too much about things to him, so he’s using this idea as a filter…. lol! So, HERE I AM!

As a beginner blogger, I am trying to keep my formats simple, as it relates to my website and content… just for now. I will, however, disclose that I will never blog about 2 things… RELIGION and POLITICS. I want my blogs to be positive in nature and these 2 topics create too many emotions that can be too negative, pushing away the very reason for them. I want to share things that I hope we have in common… random thoughts, ideas, fitness and staying mindfully SANE, food experiences, nightlife experiences, trips, passions, struggles, and DESIRES… this blog is EVERYTHING!! I hope we can connect on some of these things… sharing the journey of “just life” together.

I have also created an Instagram account (@thedesiredlyfe – LINK BELOW) The IG is not a representation to the blog entirely…. just a great addition to it. I share photos, hoping to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE. The goal in life, for all of us, should be to stay positive and strive for what we want… whether it’s a trip that we want to take, food or cocktails we want to try, material things that we WANT AND FEEL THAT WE NEED or simply a photo that puts a smile on our face for the day…. and that is the goal of my IG account…. SO PLEASE FOLLOW @thedesiredlyfe too!!!!!!

So I hope you enjoy reading as much as I will love sharing…. LET THE BLOGGING BEGIN!!! Talk soon!

Love always, @thedesiredgurl


4 thoughts on “Why am I doing blogs?

  1. I love it! I feel so motivated already. I am so proud of you.! You are one of the most free-spirited persons I know. I love how you never let anything get in your way. You are passionate, a true lover of life. You are a person that has set out to live their desired life. I know others will see what I already know …..that you rock, go girl!…. 💃🏻😘

    Never settle for anything else than butterflies….


  2. This is great and very interesting! You are extremely smart and will do great with your blogs. Good luck! I will be sharing. 😘


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