screamWith summer over and having to get back into the routine of the “grind,” that will be part of my life for the next 9 months, I thought it would be a great idea to focus on the one thing that I can never understand in “human behavior”… road rage. Showing anger towards others on the road has always been something I’ve been personally trying to understand, ever since I was 16. However, as I go through life, especially now, while I am on my recent life’s journey (insert “read my previous blogs” pitch here), I really try to understand what triggers people to act in such a way towards others… even bad enough, at times, to want to hurt someone.

The term road rage was coined by a local news station, KTLAin Los Angeles, California, after a string of shootings occurred on several freeways in the city. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, road rage is defined as a motorist’s uncontrolled anger that is usually provoked by another motorist’s irritating act and is expressed in aggressive or violent behavior. Two key words here; uncontrolled and irritating. Being in control of one’s life is huge! And if you, yourself, have no control over the small stuff, like someone cutting you off… then how do you expect to grasp control of the big stuff? Control of your thoughts, actions, reactions and responses are key to a full life. Sure! I have lost and may loose control of my thoughts or how I respond to things in my life at times. However, these are over things that have forever scarred me… mentally. Lose of control is energy not wasted on healing and finding peace within yourself. However, lose of control, because of you not being able to control another’s actions, is energy wasted… energy that you can put into yourself. On the other hand, when you are provoked by another’s irritating act, for the sake of this blog, another motorist, then your perception will be key here. I truly believe that we, as individuals, can control (in ways) our perception of another’s actions, therefore, we can control how we respond, instead of react, to it. If someone cuts you off… then maybe say something under your breath and move on. If someone is going too slow for you that day, because you are running late… then maybe hold some self-accountability and blame yourself for not leaving early enough, to consider possible traffic or even possible crashes. We all are guilty of road rage at some level and at some point in our lives, myself included, but the important thing is to recognize it, be conscious of it and to just woosah that shit

Some situations that may cause road rage:

  • heavy traffic or gridlock
  • construction delays or detours
  • slow driving
  • changing lanes too quickly and cutting another driver off
  • erratic or unsafe lane changes

Some other outside factors that can contribute to road rage:

  • personal life situations at the moment
  • lack of time management
  • stress
  • lack of sleep
  • lack of patience
  • lack of food intake
  • maybe even lack of coffee…. hmmm

Some examples of road rage:

  • making obscene gestures to other drivers
  • tailgating, which is deliberately following the driver in front of you too closely
  • changing lanes too quickly and cutting another driver off – because they did it to you
  • erratic or unsafe lane changes – because they did it to you
  • overusing the car horn – i.ehonking at the very second the light turns green!! Can people get 2 seconds to look left and right to make sure no one is attempting to run a red light before pushing the gas???? 🙂
  • flashing headlights
  • shootings

The bottom line… maybe, just maybe, we need to each take a certain level of self-accountability at times and realize that maybe it is us, as individuals, that is responsible for feeling rage on the roads and not the other person. Maybe one needs to leave in plenty of time, to calculate for traffic, accidents, etc. When that happens, maybe one will not get so impatient with slow drivers…. maybe. Maybe we need to start the day positive and not negative…. and just BREATHE. Other things to consider….? We never know what is going on with others that share the road with us for the day. You may have new drivers on the road with you, learning, just like my 16 year old right now. He is instructed TO DO THE SPEED LIMIT and not to let others make him feel that he is not driving fast enough. Maybe someone just got bad news and is speeding and just trying to get to wherever they need to be. Maybe you have a new mother driving carefully and doing the speed limit, for the sake of safety of her newborn. Maybe someone fell victim to “deep thought” because a life changing event just took place, and they might be distracted for that moment when they forget to turn their turn signal on. You never know…

Maybe if some of us stop thinking that “we” are the ONLY ones on the road and making everything ABOUT US, we might be better off. It’s horrible that some are willing to shoot someone or run someone off the road, because THEY refuse to hold themselves accountable for possible poor time management, lack of patience or just not wanting to deal with anything. With Hurricane Harvey taking place recently and seeing so much togetherness and love for one another right now, I KNOW that WE, as humans, are capable of caring and loving one another, no matter the situation or risks. With this said, I know we can show this towards one another on the roads, every day…. in the name of SAFETY for one another. I do understand that some drivers just don’t know how to drive, or that you may have someone do something that is just crazy… but there is nothing saying we can’t just, slow down, take a breath and woosah that shit. Drive safely out there…..

Love always, @thedesiredgurl

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Articles – road rage involving shootings:



4 thoughts on “Road Rage… Woosah!!!

  1. Jenn this is a great message! One that should be read by anyone who gets behind the wheel. I must confess I’m guilty of most of the examples, however I remind myself when I start to venture down that negative path while navigating the streets of Las Vegas, that the possible consequences are just not worth it!! Woosah…


  2. For the life of me, I don’t understand after so many unfortunate incidents shown in the media and lives lost do people still engage in “Road Rage”. I too have been involved in an incident where the vehicle pulled over & I pulled up next to him (stupid) and we yelled obscenities at each other then moved on. Thank God nothing violent occurred. You NEVER know what state of mind a person may be in that day. In the BIG scheme of life, someone cutting you off or going too slow is SUPER small. Yes say something under your breath and move on. Don’t become a news story. #Woosah


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